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The Certified EFFAS Environmental Social and Governance Analyst (CEESGA) programme's primary targets are financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data in their capital allocation processes, but also, in general, all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues. Other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations, auditors and consultants will also find this course interesting, to develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in light of ESG information. To sum up, the training is ideal for asset owners, asset managers, corporate consultants, financial planners, and family offices who wish to embrace ESG integration holistically.

Read more: http://effas.net/education-and-qualification/certified-effas-environmental-social-and-governance-analyst-ceesga.html

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EFFAS encourages all young talents interested in integrated ESG data in their future professional carriers to apply to this new initiative particularly aimed for STUDENTS (being enrolled at a University in a Bachelor, Master or PhD. Programme).

Application deadline: 28 April 2017!

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